Written by Shane Mac


#vancouverhiphop artist shane mac started his movement at a young age, powering through Vancouvers #localentertainment venues he has made his way across the globe to places such as costa rica and Los Angeles.
Whearing his heart on his sleeve with vancouver on his back shane continues to bring a new school sound with an old school feel, #Shanemacmusic is always plotting the next move, keep an eye for this hiphop enthusiast as he has big things to come. As the #vancouverhiphop scene is on the rise shane mac is at the head of the pack. His passion and drive along with the efforts of his fellow #vancouverartists has brought a new light to a dim vancouverrap scene.

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Shane mac has a message to preech and stories of hardship, love, anger, violence and so to tell, be sure to keep your eyes open and your ears eager as shane mac has plenty more to do before his time is up.


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Shane grew up on the North Shore in North Vancouver BC. Since I can remember he has been Rapping. Shane is as original as they come.Say a word and he can Rap for 5 mins about it! As like most Rap Artist there is only so much time and money for producing music.


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